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Granulated flooring made
from 100% recycled rubber

Specifically developed for CrossTraining and other intensive use activities with excellent acoustic properties and shock absorption.

Recycled Rubber
Flooring indoor & outdoor for CrossTraining

BasicFlex is a powerful recycled rubber in 2 and 3 cm. thickness. An economical and sustainable solution for intensive work areas.


BasicFlex tiles offer high impact recovery making them as an excellent solution to work on its surface as well as a subsoil layer of a compact rubber flooring.

Made with top quality recycled rubber with excellent quality and durability. Its non-slip and shock-absorbing characteristics makes it perfect to support any load while prevents the articulation fatigue at high-intensity training. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. 

BasicFlex becomes a highly durable acoustic system with excellent properties and price of a 20 mm. recycled rubber base and the power of virgin rubber in a durable 7 mm. compacted rubber surface of our FitnessPro and FitnessPro eco Flooring.

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