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Fitness Mats

Individual mats for
Floor exercises

PaviFLEX mats provide a great comfort for performing exercises on the floor.

Mats for Fitness, Pilates &Yoga

Long lasting Multifunctional & comfortable mats. 

Produced with Premium EVA, the  PaviFLEX exercise mats are extremely resistant, durable and comfortable.

The surface is waterproof, they do not absorb water or sweat, they don´t smell and they are easy to clean. The mats are non-slip and ultra-dense. A sufficient thickness provides extra comfort and support for knees, elbows, hands, back or bottom.


MATS are available in multiple colours, dimensions and thicknesses. They are perfect for all kind of workout: fitness, ABS, pilates... and they can be customized with your Logo.

Mats for end consumers are sold at our website:

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