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Group classes flooring
& Supervised activities

Specially developed flooring for group activities and  Aerobic, Step... with or without the use of light equipment. 


Aerobic Flooring
& Group classes

The timeless Flooring.

PaviFLEX ACTION has been developed specifically for group classes such as Zumba®, BodyPump®, Step and any other activity that requires a specific grip with exceptional cushioning, unmatched resistance and durability. ACTION is the best solution for supervised activities.

What makes ACTION different from the others?

Combined composition of air and compact rubber with a unequaled elasticity.


A surface resistant to fitness equipment marks (steps, dumbbells, etc.) supported by an expanded rubber base composed of millions of air bubbles to provide the best performance, with elastic properties that maximize shock absorption during the performance of any group activity.


Optimal balance traction.

The surface of ACTION by PaviFLEX provides a perfect balance for the traction of the athletes, exceptional balance when performing aerobic exercises to avoid slidding or sudden braking.


Comfortable as a cloud, firm as wood.

When training on ACTION by PaviFLEX, you feel a sense of comfort without equal and, at the same time, a sense of security in the performance of all the exercises. 


Easy to install, no glueing required.

ACTION by PaviFLEX is presented in four-sided puzzle tiles that join on any plain and solid surface without the need of glue. The cutting of the tiles in-house with new automatic machines guarantees the perfection of the puzzle interlocking.


Waterproof and very easy to clean.

Water and neutral soap, it’s that simple. PaviFLEX products are waterproof and do not absorb sweat, so they are easy to maintain with a regular cleaning, just using standard non-abrasive cleaning products that can be found at any store.


Endless options.

Not only the flooring can be customized with any logo or marking. We can also develop the color you wish if it is not available at our large color chart.

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